literary studies ISSN: 0037 - 6973

The Chief Editor: Karol Csiba

Editor: Dana Hučková
Editor of Reviews: Martin Braxatoris
Managing Editor: Ľubica Hroncová
Technical staff: Juraj Kočár

Slovak editorial board: Vladimír Barborík, René Bílik,  
Andrea Bokníková, Erika Brtáňová, Ján Gavura, Ján Gbúr,  
Martin Golema, Igor Hochel, Dana Hučková, Fedor Matejov,  
Zora Prušková, Radoslav Passia, Ivana Taranenková, Peter  

International editorial board: Joanna Goszczyńska  
(Varšava), Aleksandra Hudymač (Krakov), Pavel Janoušek  
(Praha), Michal Jareš (Praha), Alfrun Kliems (Berlín), Iva  
Málková (Ostrava), Špela Sevšek Šramel (Ľubľana), Róbert  
Kiss Szemán (Budapešť), Petr Šámal (Praha), Dalibor Tureček  
(České Budějovice)

Language: published in Slovak with English resume, contents  
in English and German languages

Published by: Institute of Slovak Literature of SAS

Publisher: SAP - Slovak Academic Press Ltd.

Editorial Office:
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redakcia časopisu Slovenská literatúra
Konventná 13
811 03 Bratislava

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Slovak Academic Press Ltd.
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821 08 Bratislava
Distribution rights are held by KUBON and SAGNER, P. O. B.  
340108, D-8000, Műnchen, Germany. 

Cited in:
CEJSH (The Central European Journal of Social Sciences and  
ERIH (European Reference Index for the Humanities)
CEEOL (Central and Eastern European Online Library)

Profile: Slovenská literatúra (Slovak Literature) is an  
open access (from 2017) and double blind peer reviewed  
academic journal published by Institute of Slovak Literature of  
the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava. The main  
objective of Slovenská literatúra is to provide a platform for  
the international scholars, academicians and researchers to  
share the contemporary thoughts in the fields of literature and  
literary culture.  

Principles of publishing in the journal Slovenská literatúra  
(Slovak Literature) are applied in accordance with the code of  
ethics of publishing experience, which is defined in documents  
by international forum Committee on Publication Ethics  

1. The authors are responsible for the correctness and  
accuracy of the data. Authors have to declare the financial  
support of the research (if relevant) and their professional  

2. Authors are responsible for the correct specification of all  

3. Plagiarism, use of untrusted sources and use of fraudulent  
data are unacceptable and are in
rough contrary to publishing ethics.  

4. At the creating of text, authors are obliged to respect the  
guidelines for authors, established by editorial staff, and the  
journal´s  citation standards.

5. Contents of the articles must be consistent with the  
intention and focus of journal Slovenská literatúra (Slovak  

6. The quality and extent of the contribution must meet the  
standards and level of scientific work in the respective  
category (scientific study, article, review, annotation, report,  

7. The authors agree that the submitted contribution is  
authentic and original work,  has not been yet published in  
any form, or is not in the peer-review procedure in another  

8. If the text has already been published prior to  
administration, the author is required to rework or complete  
it. The revised or amended text has to include a link to the  
original paper, justification of changes and the expression of  
advance in knowledge.

10. Authors are obliged to participate in a peer-review  
process. During the review procedure the authors have  
promptly to communicate and cooperate with the editorial  
staff in providing retractions or corrections of mistakes.

Peer-review process and responsibilities of  
1. reviewed articles should be treated confidentially
2. the process of peer-review must be handled independently  
of the author
3. all reviewing judgments should be objective  
4. personal criticism of the author is inappropriate
5. reviewers should have no conflict of interest with respect to  
reviewed articles
6. reviewers should point out relevant published work which is  
not yet cited
7. Reviewers are required send their opinions until the  

Peer Review Evaluation Form

Open Access Statement
The journal Slovenská literatúra (Slovak Literature) is Open  
Access according to definition of Budapest Open Access  
Initiative (BOAI)  

The content of the journal is freely  available on the public  
internet, permitting any users to read, download, copy,  
distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of the articles,  
without asking prior permission from the publisher or the  
author (except in the case of commercial use of texts).
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